Door access control is a type of security system that allows you to control who enters an office or commercial building. While lock and key were the access control standard for decades, businesses and commercial building owners of today want to do more with their access control.

Modern door access control systems allow businesses to not only control who enters their building but also monitor and manage access. Below, we’ll discuss what modern door access control looks like and why companies need an access control system.

What Is Door Access Control?

Door access control is a type of security system that allows businesses to control who enters and exits a building as well as when and where they can enter and exit. While keys have been used as a means of access control for decades, they do not provide records of when the key is used — not to mention that the key can be easily copied or transferred to an unauthorized person.

Today, many companies are transitioning to electronic door access control systems. These types of systems require the placement of a remote telemetry unit at each access door location, which grants access when the correct credential is provided. Instead of the standard key, electronic door access systems might use a swipe card, keypad or even biometrics to grant access.

Unlike a standard lock and key, electronic door access control systems cannot be easily duplicated. If the access credential is lost, the company can quickly and easily revoke access to limited unauthorized access. This type of system also logs when and where access is granted. Additionally, it can monitor the door and alert the authorities when a door is forced open or held open too long.

Why Companies Should Use a Door Access Control System

Here are just a few of the reasons why a business may want to use an electronic door access control system:

  • Keep a record of access. With an access control system, you can keep an audit of who is accessing the building, where they enter and exit, and what time they enter and exit. This allows you to keep close track of who is inside the facility in case there are any security issues.
  • Restrict access. Using an access control system, you can restrict the days and times that staff and visitors can enter your building. You can also assign access permissions based on the employee’s job function so that no one has unnecessary access to the building.
  • Replace security credentials with ease. Whereas rekeying a building is expensive and time consuming, replacing security credentials for an electronic door access control system is easy and affordable. This makes it easy to ensure that lost or stolen keys do not grant access to the building.
  • Provide remote access. Another benefit of electronic door access control is that some systems allow you to provide remote access by controlling the building’s locks from one central system. This is ideal for large businesses that have many visitors, but it can also come in handy when locking down a building in an emergency.
  • Get event notifications. With electronic door access control systems, you can get notified any time a door is propped open or someone attempts to use an invalid credential to access the building. This helps your organization stay on top of potential security issues.

Access Control from GDS Telecom

GDS Telecom offers door access control systems that help keep your business, assets and staff safe from unauthorized access. With so many different types of access systems to choose from, choosing can be overwhelming. However, our team will recommend the ideal type of door access control for your building after discussing your unique security needs.