Security needs are ever changing. Door access control systems and keyless entry is becoming more common for property managers, building owners and even small businesses. Access control systems provide people secure and safe access to their buildings and interior offices.

To determine if you need an access system, please consider the following reasons for purchasing.

  1. Remote access
  2. Customizable
  3. History records
  4. Non duplication
  5. Security
  6. Less expensive in the long run
  7. Less hassle
  8. Faster, safer than locks

The basic role of an access system is to keep unwanted guests out or at least have control of access. A storage facility can benefit from both a gate entry system and a keyless entry system for the individual storage units. Remote access is a huge benefit so individuals no longer have to travel to location to unlock or lock doors, easily done remotely saving time and money.Also, access systems are customizable so the manager can have higher limits than the employees, set the rights per individual to ensure the access level desired.

As well as controlling access to your premises, access control systems can be integrated with other operations and security systems. Alarm monitoring that will take action if an intruder does get in, and software that will track time and attendance for your employees, might be additional features you want to consider.

New IP door control systems are less expensive and provides greater functionality than the older central panel systems. These systems can easily be integrated with IP camera systems and IP intercoms to create a complete safety and security system.

Key card or key fobs access systems can help to prevent loss so although not inexpensive to install, they are all around less expensive. Taylored Systems would be pleased to provide you with a quote. Tracking employee time, theft and potential vandalism are cost saving features. These cards and fobs cannot be duplicated like the regular key style. Keyless entry, electronic keys require a higher degree of sophistication.

The best access control systems provide historical reports. It will track your employees’ activity and allow you to see exactly where they spend their time and see if they are accessing unauthorized areas. Additionally, you can receive customizable reports such as information regarding your building’s security, alarm details, open and close hours and more. Most of these reports are available via email, but many companies will send reports directly to your smartphone so you can manage your employees’ access while you are away. The reports are extremely valuable when investigating vandalism and theft.

Another benefit is having control of keys, wondering who all has them causes a breach in security when keys are lost whereas with a secure card or fob it is not evident to what door they belong. Replacing doors and or locks is expensive and inconvenient. If a card or fob is lost, it can be easily removed from the database. One key for multiple locks helps the control. Owners of multiple properties no longer have to search thru piles of keys for the appropriate key.

If it is determined an access system would be beneficial, contact the experts at GDS. We take great pride in our knowledge of access systems.